Drive Mulholland

A nice drive over Mulholland, returning via Topanga Canyon. Delicious.

Spend some time soaking up eclectic spots in LA – like this one:

Imagine an inviting and electric yet refined space where people gather to imbibe, socialize, and feel at home. That’s exactly what actor Walton Goggins and cinematic cameraman Matthew Alper had in mind when creating the Mulholland Room, a place that embodies their love for Los Angeles and the very spirits they’ve cultivated for their own company, Mulholland Distilling.

What started as a passion project for founder Alper about five years ago has turned into a modern-day salon that’s garnering attention. Goggins partnered with long-time friend Alper shortly after he set out on his endeavor and the two have since created a whiskey, gin, and vodka under the Mulholland Distilling label. Now, their space in the historic L.A. Arts District acts as a hub for cocktail creation and their extended network. Ahead, take a tour of the eclectic L.A. space as Goggins and Alper share their story of friendship and spirits (plus, get a sneak peek at some of their finest cocktail recipes).

The other photos are the drive over Mulholland, and Topanga.



valley side of mulholland





photo by wasim



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