Kansas Jayhawks Soaring Again

This will be interesting! The outcome of these games are so dependent on the karmic journey of each burst of energy – each superstar on a mission – each coach, even the karmic energy of the city represented.

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The Kansas Jayhawks Men’s Basketball team has won 13 conference championships in a row.  They share this record with UCLA (1967-79).  If they win the Big12 conference title next month, they will have won the conference 14 years in a row and will own the mark alone.  This may not sound remarkable — like someone hitting 200 home runs in a season — but it is.  It’s akin to hitting 5 holes in one in a PGA tournament.  It is, though.  this is like lightening striking 14 times on the head of the same pin.  There is a reason people are talking about how freakishly rare a feat it is.

FOX Sports –> https://www.foxsports.com/college-basketball/story/kansas-basketball-big-12-streak-greatest-feat-ucla-bill-self-ncaa-tournament-022317

The rest of the league is not bowing in reverence to make sure they get the big trophy.  The Big 12 is considered by most to be the strongest in the nation.

Diehards –>  https://www.diehards.com/national/college-basketball-conference-power-rankings-big-12-best-brutal


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