Trump a Pro at Sabotaging US INTEL

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Trump made it very clear before Russia helped elect him that he knows ISIS much better than our military does. He, of course, has lost faith in our military and only has faith in “certain” generals. He promised his faithful that he would be able to “defeat” ISIS all on his own.

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And, how did that work out for him? In his first foray into “defeating ISIS,” he sent Seal Team Six into hostile territory in Yemen against the recommendation of ALL of the generals, leading to a failed mission, an unnecessary Special Ops death, and a $30 Million aircraft being shot down. Oh, and no gained intelligence.

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He launched $60 Million worth of US missiles on a Syrian target that didn’t destroy the target airport or even damage “enemy” aircraft.

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Just PR and worthless optics.

And, it just…

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Trump — Low on Blow Supply — Gets Sluggish in Israel

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People are saying that Trump is ill.  Something that slowly kills obese cokeheads over the age of 70.  Well, the coke part isn’t something people in the public eye have associated with his “illness,” but nicer words just call the old, fat, cokehead “exhausted.”

Acosta Trump Tweet 01 WPHe doesn’t much like having to face Muslims he has damned as “Islamic Terrorists” and facing Israelis he screwed over, releasing their top-secret intelligence to Russians, who share with Iran.  Dumbass.  Since Trump has been warring with US Intelligence, he has been releasing all kinds of top-secret info — putting all kinds of US operatives and assets in grave danger.

He just wants to come home to Mara-Lago.  Where he can score blow.  Yeah, on the road, he doesn’t have access to his coke dealer, many are speculating.  Because it’s got to be something.  Everyone knows he has all the stamina, so simple, natural “exhaustion” is…

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