Hothouse Children

So very astute, while the privileged go about business as usual without a thought to their children’s sense of self-empowerment or survival. Challenges are essential for little ones, in my opinion, forging the Self in fire for the sake of living with freedom, confidence and true sight. What happens when the play-date mommy cannot fix things for her young one? A recent photo of Kendall Jenner in Kim K’s “mom-jeans”, a throwback to Chris Jenner, makes me wonder about this family and how they will make their way psychologically in this world. Do they see their path as their own, or as an increasingly tangled Cat’s Cradle of familial entanglement? While navigating the dangers of the Corporate jungle, have these not so little spirits learned to navigate their interior with their natural compass blurred by the controlling memes of celebrity? I once met a professor at Mayfield, a preparation Elementary School to Caltech (think NASA/JPL) who started a program to accept a number of students from public schools. Why? Because, he told me, he felt that privilege was a setback for these kids, who in his opinion, needed to learn from Public School kids. Whenever I attended any of their functions to observe, he always sought me out like a secret confidante. I hope that his program went well, noting here that my brother is now an Engineer at NASA/JPL, not from being inherently privileged, but having shepherded his fellow school mates with compassion and a third-eye view to life.
Thank you for this thoughtful, insightful blog which may serve to free many from the Cat’s Cradle of installed buttons and electric fences. Let’s see how well we learn to be excellent trackers of our own destiny. (See Rabbit Proof Fence)

The Gaily Planet

Nearly 20 years have passed since my drive-by with a Maasai shepherd in southern Kenya, but I can still visualize the intensity of his gaze as if it happened yesterday.
I was literally driving by– scouting the next location for a fashion photo-shoot with our intrepid fixer,Masjid, at the wheel of an open air Land Rover and me in the back seat– when I locked eyes with the shepherd for just a few seconds. And while I have no empirical evidence to back up my theory, somehow I instinctively understood that if the shepherd and I were to find ourselves stranded on the savannah with a lion chasing us– no harm would come to me if I just followed his steady lead.
If you subscribe to the myth that every young Maasai must kill a lion before he can be circumcised– a rite of passage that happens once the child…

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