Time and Space

dior 3Many writers seem tongue-tied in natural situations — like story-meetings or worse, board meetings. It’s the same reason  why we writers are able to arrive at a point in time with the same stories, themes and premises — why studios have five versions of the same themed-stories. As I just discussed with my friend and co-writer who is gifted with opulent, fast-paced, vibrant dreams,  we do appear on the scene of other worlds seemingly as spies, silent witnesses to other-worldly places and worlds.  Who is to say that time exists outside our man-made device to keep track of human, earthly progress — our ‘being here’.

In that space ‘in-between’ there is no such thing, and dropping in on a particular scene at a particular “time” becomes as natural as if by remote. As easily as brushing one veil away displaying before our senses the viewing of another world.  I suppose we are fortunate to be able to view the ordinarily ‘unviewable’ – an exhilarating silent witnessing of energy arranged in pictures, scenes, sounds, activity — all in wildly vibrant technicolor. It is necessary for what we contribute in the here and now.

So if you are one of those who feel awkward in the here and now of meetings, budgets and structured boxes, feel comfortable in knowing that without that awkwardness, one may not have that specially gifted makeup of being able to slip between worlds when the rest of this one is at sleep.


2 Replies to “Time and Space”

  1. It seems there is as much a perceivable time construct on the side of the door I’m on when I sleep as there is the concept of it I believe in when I’m lucid and subject to gravity on this side of it. Sure would be nice to be able to be lucid on the other side like you’re eluding to, though. I’d pay prime for a ticket on that ride.

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